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Faculty Name  Photo  Qulifications View Details 
Prof. Dr. G.S.Kulkarni M. E.(Environmental Engineering), Ph.D. View Details
Mr. M S Salunkhe M.E.(Structures), Ph.D. (Appeared) View Details
Mr. S M Bhosale M.E.(Structures), Ph.D. (Appeared) View Details
Smt. P. P. Phadnis M. Tech (Structural Engineering), Ph.D. appeared View Details
V. K. Kamble M. E. Civil(Structures) View Details
Mr.B.B.Patil B.E.(Civil) M.E (Civil) View Details
Mr.M.M.Kamble B.E. [Civil], M.E. [Civil-Structures] View Details
Mr. Yogesh S. Vhatkar   B.E. (Civil), M.Tech. (Environmental Science and Technology) View Details
Mr. S.M. Gavali   M.Sc.(Mathematics) View Details
Mr. Sheetal S. Varur   B.E. (Civil), M.Tech. (Environmental Science and Technology) View Details
Ms. M.N. Shinde   B.Tech (Environmental Science and Technology), M.Tech. (Pursuing) View Details
Mr. Sagar Vhatkar   M.Sc. (Geology) View Details
Mr. Digvijay Malkar   Mr. Digvijay Malkar View Details
Mr. Sangram Bhalkar   JD Art Commercial Designer (Dance) View Details
Mr. Himanshu Smart   M.A. Ph.D. (Drama) View Details
Mrs. S. A. Mane   M.A. English (Music) View Details
Nilesh R. Sutar   M.Tech Structures View Details
Dr. N. K. Buwa   M.A.,Ph.D. View Details